#GoodMorningAtlanta: Photos from 1/26-1/30

In October 2014 I began posting a photo every weekday morning with the hashtag #GoodMorningAtlanta. The goal? To inspire, enlighten, or just plain help others start their day with a smile. See each week’s photos by clicking on the #GoodMorningAtlanta category, and view the daily photo by following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

One week last year, I used this space to spotlight the Atlanta sunset.

This year let’s take a week to showcase the opposite.

Here are five photos of an Atlanta sunrise, to wake you up for whatever comes your way. Enjoy!


MY OLYMPICS JOURNEY: Checking out Sochi’s coastal cluster

A little light goes a long way.

When I first rode the bus into the Olympic village outside of Sochi, Russia, I found myself thoroughly unimpressed. The buildings seemed spread out; the area seemed empty; and the energy seemed missing.

But one important element was also missing: sunlight.

I awakened this morning to a gorgeous sunrise: a pink-orange glow emanating above the horizon, reflecting upon the miniature ponds in front of the Black Sea. When I stood on my hotel balcony and looked right, I saw sunrise and the sea.

When I looked left, I saw the mountains.

And suddenly, I very much understood the majesty of the Sochi coast.

To be sure, the buildings in town are definitely spread out. Unlike most previous recent Olympic sites, the event venues are far removed from the city in which they are being held.

And to be sure, the area still seems very empty, even in the daylight. That will change when the fans file in for this weekend’s Opening Ceremonies.

But even without all that, this Olympic location is as picturesque as one might hope.