PODCAST EPISODE #41: John Kirtley, assistant chief photojournalist, WLOS-TV


Through the first 40 episodes of the Telling The Story podcast, I followed a self-made rule that I would avoid repeating guests. I wanted to showcase as many storytellers and journalists as I could, so I refused to interview the same person twice.

This week, I am breaking that rule.

But it’s for a good reason.

My guest for Episode #41 is John Kirtley, who by day works at Asheville’s WLOS-TV as the assistant chief photojournalist. When he last appeared on the podcast, we mostly discussed the craft of visual storytelling. But John, like me, has recently added a second professional title: co-director of the NPPA Southeast Storytelling Workshop, June 10-11 in Atlanta. John first came to me with the idea last March; we tabled the discussion until this January, and once we officially decided to do it, we began a long road of meticulous planning and non-stop calls and messages.

Now the workshop is barely a week away, and I invited John back on the podcast to discuss how we hope people will benefit from it.

This is a great listen for anyone coming to the Southeast workshop, but it is important on a broader level for any journalist or storyteller who has thought about attending a workshop at all. John and I are big believers in the value of occasionally removing ourselves from the daily grind to focus on improving our skills. If you are not coming to Atlanta, you should think seriously about the other workshops and conferences that regularly dot the journalistic landscape.

Click here to learn more about the conference, and in the meantime, enjoy this podcast with the man who helped get it off the ground.

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