PODCAST EPISODE #15: Michael Driver, Photographer, KUSA-TV


Young photojournalists — heck, all photojournalists — need to listen to this podcast.

Last week, after winning my own award as NPPA Solo Video Journalist of the Year, I decided I wanted to interview another of the association’s big award winners for 2013.

I found a photojournalist whose work I have admired and referenced before in the blog: Michael Driver of KUSA-TV in Denver.

Driver was named the NPPA’s 2013 West Top Regional Photographer of the Year, and he beat some of America’s finest photojournalists to do it. The West, largely because of the highly-regarded photographer staffs at KUSA and Seattle’s KING-TV, is usually the most competitive region in the country. Driver arrived in Denver in 2012, eager to make his stamp on the competition.

Then he went ahead and won the whole thing.

Driver produced some magnificent work in 2013; I have included two stories below. First, “I Miss You, Beryl”:

Then, “Before I Die”:

Now Driver joins me on the Telling The Story podcast, and he is as ferocious on the mic as he is behind the camera.

Fair warning: the advice-per-minute ratio is absolutely wild here. Driver rattles off tip after tip, all with the enthusiasm of a young photographer (he is just 31 years old) and the accent of a full-grown Kentuckian.

It’s one of my favorite interviews to date — and a worthy listen for anyone who wants to improve as a photojournalist.

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Matt Pearl is the author of the Telling the Story blog and podcast. Feel free to comment below or e-mail Matt at matt@tellingthestoryblog.com.

5 thoughts on “PODCAST EPISODE #15: Michael Driver, Photographer, KUSA-TV

  1. Anonymous says:

    So proud of my big brother Michael “bubu” Driver!!!

  2. Melissa says:

    So proud of my big brother Michael “bubu” Driver!!!

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