#GoodMorningAtlanta: Photos from 1/5-1/9

In October 2014 I began posting a photo every weekday morning with the hashtag #GoodMorningAtlanta. The goal? To inspire, enlighten, or just plain help others start their day with a smile. See each week’s photos by clicking on the #GoodMorningAtlanta category, and view the daily photo by following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Winter has set in.

And even though winter in Atlanta pales in comparison to the winters of most American cities, it can provide some pretty gloomy days.

Here are a few examples, I hope, of poignant photography during the dog days of January; enjoy!

Monday, 1/5/15: We begin with a foggy Saturday morning in Midtown Atlanta …


Tuesday, 1/6/15: the branches are barren as winter sets in …


Wednesday, 1/7/15: the winterberries keep growing, but they are also toxic, so don’t eat them …


Thursday, 1/8/15: Sometimes, when the weather is rough enough, these are the only runners in Piedmont Park …


Friday, 1/9/15: here’s to better weather in the future …


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