#GoodMorningAtlanta: My favorite stories of 2014

In October 2014 I began posting a photo every weekday morning with the hashtag #GoodMorningAtlanta. The goal? To inspire, enlighten, or just plain help others start their day with a smile. See each week’s photos by clicking on the #GoodMorningAtlanta category, and view the daily photo by following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

As the year winds down, I am looking back at my work for NBC’s Atlanta affiliate, 11Alive.

Here are my five favorites:

Monday, 12/22/14: Back in June, a Madison County man named Bryant Collins spotted a one-year-old crawling along the highway. He picked her up and stayed with her until the police arrived. This story went more viral than anything I’ve ever done, and it even wound up on NBC Nightly News.


Tuesday, 12/23/14: Eleven-year-old Andrew Williams lost his dad just before Father’s Day. Then, this boy — who always shared baseball with his dad — came through with a special gift in his father’s honor.


Wednesday, 12/24/14: I got to know William and Fernando earlier this year, and I was truly impressed by their rock-climbing bond: Fernando is William’s eyes, and William is Fernando’s inspiration.


Thursday, 12/25/14: Meet John and Jo. They have been married in 90 years, and they continue to make memories, regardless of age.


Friday, 12/26/14: What a wonderful moment last month, when a one-year-old boy named Max received a cochlear implant … and got to hear for the first time.


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