5 MORE great stories: the all-Boyd Huppert edition

Two days ago I posted my weekly “3 Great Stories” column, except I made a couple of exceptions:

First, I posted five great stories instead of three.

Second, instead of normally showcasing the best work I saw in the prior week, I submitted a Greatest Hits compilation from my four years of blogging — of one person’s gems.

I posted 5 great stories from KARE-TV’s Boyd Huppert, who had just captured his 100th regional Emmy and been named to the NATAS Upper Midwest Silver Circle. I shared the entry on the Storytellers Facebook group, populated by 10,000 current, former, and future journalists, including Huppert himself and many photographers with whom he has collaborated through the years.

Then something beautiful happened.

The storytellers expanded the list.

Within hours, fellow TV news journalists had sprinkled the comments section of that Facebook post with a variety of Huppert treasures, one dating back nearly two decades. Since Facebook posts eventually fade away from people’s news feeds, I decided to combine those additions onto this new blog entry.

Here, thus, are five more great stories from one of the greatest storytellers in our field:

1030 Morgan (1997, KARE-TV): Back when Huppert had barely started at KARE11 in the Twin Cities, he teamed up with photojournalist Gary Knox for a hard news piece that crams more emotions into two minutes than most newscasts display in a half-hour. (Hat tip to Huppert’s current colleague, Rob Collett, for unearthing this and uploading to YouTube.)

1st place entry, 2007 NPPA TV News Reporting (2007, KARE-TV): This clip features three Huppert classics in one; it’s his winning entry for reporting in the 2007 NPPA Best of Photojournalism competition. Watch it, and you’ll see:

  • The extraordinary story that resulted when Huppert and his photographer came upon a downed tree in a hailstorm
  • A day-after memorial to Minnesota Twins legend Kirby Puckett
  • A beautifully crafted feature about a woman who provides one military family with an unforgettable gift

Neighborhood of love (2012, KARE-TV): I had actually seen this story when it first aired four years ago, and I instantly remembered it now. Huppert and longtime photographer Jonathan Malat find a clever way to connect a “spatula-shaped street” filled with long-married couples. The best moment — no spoilers, but you’ll know it when you see it unfold between the couples — happens towards the end.

Mom finds new life after deaths of 3 daughters (2016, KARE-TV)
Emmett and Erling’s goodbye (2016, KARE-TV)

When I shared the original “5 Great Stories” post with the Storytellers group, current KARE-TV photographer Chad Nelson gave the perfect response: “Boyd’s ‘Greatest Hits PKG’ airs every Tuesday at 10pm on KARE 11, because every package he does is above the bar! Boom!”

The implication? Despite all of his success, Huppert keeps growing and getting better.

Here are two pieces that prove it.

One is a long-form piece about moving on after tragedy. The other is a short-form follow-up about saying goodbye. Both give Huppert and his photographers the chance to display the extraordinary humanity of their stories’ subjects.

Both aired Tuesday night.

The bar continues to move higher.

Want to hear more from Huppert? Check him out on the 40th episode of my Telling the Story podcast.

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