3 GREAT STORIES: Starring waffles, touchdowns, & justice

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Empire of waffles: Utah County man credits success to job loss (10/11/15, KSL-TV): More and more in local TV news, I notice photojournalists trying inventive moves with smaller cameras.

Witness this piece from KSL-TV’s Ashley Kewish and photojournalist Ray Boone.

Just make sure you’re doing so on a full stomach.

Boone shoots the story of a Utah man who lost his job and then opened a waffle truck. Because a good portion of the package takes place inside the truck, Boone gets creative with — I assume — a GoPro that maneuvers all over the place. It graces the ceiling, sidles next to a waffle iron, and hovers over the action.

I appreciate the extra effort he made to make that story even more delicious.

Last call in 35-year career is one no one will forget (10/16/15, WBRZ-TV): Have GoPro, will travel.

That little camera creates a compelling angle in a story where a wheelchair-bound middle schooler gets to play in a football game and score a touchdown.

Kyle is his name, and the GoPro on his chest enables the viewer to see what he sees.

Brett Buffington tells the story, and Chris Sasser provides the photography and editing. They capture a touching pair of stories — one about Kyle, and the other about the retiring coach who decided to put him in the game.

P.D.I.D. (10/9/15, Criminal Podcast): This seems to be the year in which I continually stumble upon new podcasts, and here is my latest discovery: Criminal, a podcast about crime that focuses less on solving cases and more on understanding people.

In this episode, reporter Lauren Ober profiles a transgender woman who was held in a men’s cell block. The storytelling here is sublime: Ober continually unfolds new layers of context and emotion as she develops her main character.

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    Wonderful, heart-warming stories- thanks!

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