3 GREAT STORIES: Starring Kenya, Clinton, & a dog

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These are the families left to reclaim Garissa’s dead (4/9/15, Buzzfeed): Tucked away behind lists about animals and ‘NSYNC, Buzzfeed dedicates resources to a team that regularly produces long-form gems.

Here, global news correspondent Jina Moore presents one of the most heart-rending stories I have read in a long time.

A week earlier, gunmen stormed the campus of Garissa University in Kenya and killed 144 people, mostly students, in ways both horrifying and humiliating. Moore steps in the following week by describing, not the attack, but the search by parents to claim their dead children.

This is a devastating read, and Moore writes with such descriptive power that each sentence feels like a stomach punch. She puts a captivating spotlight on the aftermath of this incidence of international terrorism.

This is what four days of inane Clinton-Chipotle coverage looks like (4/16/15, The Week): Easily the most over-reported story of the week, the “Hillary Clinton eats at Chipotle” bulletin became clickbait fodder for media across the country.

Perhaps this article is another example of that clickbait … but, for me, it felt more like catharsis.

The editors at The Week compile a list of the most ridiculous headlines to result from Clinton’s lunch stop, dividing them into three categories: “The Meal”, “The Digestion”, and “The Leftovers”.

I implore you not to click on any of the links to the articles, lest you encourage the outlets to justify such wild coverage, but enjoy the very real headlines that would not appear out of place on The Onion.

Elevator riding dog is nursing home ‘angel’ (4/13/15, KARE-TV): Here is a Telling The Story fun fact: in the 2+ years of writing this blog, I have mentioned Boyd Huppert and Jonathan Malat in 15 different articles.

Their work is that strong — consistently strong, as well.

This is another installment from their “Land of 10,000 Stories” series. It is a pretty straightforward feature; as the headline says, it profiles a therapy dog named Nala that glides around a local nursing home. Still, it contains several flourishes by both Huppert (the “up, up and away” line at the beginning) and Malat (the pristine audio as Nala scampers across the floor) that elevate the material. Combine that with a poignant, unexpected turn towards the story’s end, and you have another standout from two of the country’s best.

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